The time has come to share the news: I am extremely happy that I am now part of the 4PS Group family! This allows me to stay in my technology comfort zone within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure, but also to work in the construction industry, a thriving and dynamic area with lots of digitization aspirations and maybe most relevant, a lot of potential to change our world for the better. Building on 20 years of experience and incredible success by the 4PS Group, starting from the Netherlands and growing across Europe, I can’t wait to bring our product 4PS Construct to the German market. If you want to learn more about that, please get in touch with me or visit 4PS Germany.

But while the product and base technology are great, most importantly the 4PS family feels like a perfect home for me as well. “Follow your heart”, “Learn more” and “Innovate” are the key principles, and I can very much identify with that. And already in my first month I have immediately felt that everyone is looking to get better and understand what our customers need and is putting their full effort and heart into it. The welcome was not only a “happy you are joining” but also a “happy to help, what can I do?”. And it certainly didn’t stop at the words, but has been put into action, whether it is the immediate role to help with a specific issue or not. Thanks a lot to Martin, Wim, Andre and Hendrik for allowing me to become part of the group and try to expand on the incredible job you have done over the last decades! And thanks to Bianca, Arjan, Erwin, Jan, Johan and their teams for making the start so much fun!

Fortunately, I am not doing this alone, but am honored and humbled to have Oliver Couvigny at my side. We have known each other for quite some years by now and although our professional paths parted, we stayed in touch. So when the chance presented itself to build something together, I didn’t have to think twice. And when I better understood the uniqe opportunity that 4PS Germany will have, to be an agile, fast-moving startup while being backed by an established, highly successful company group, it really felt like a dream come true. If you want to live that dream with us, create something that can have a positive impact and do it in the right way, then please get in touch as well, either with me or my colleague Rosa Bannink.

picture of Martin Westerink, Tobias Fenster, Oliver Couvigny, Andre Overeem